Hey! My name is Syed, and I’m an undergraduate student currently studying law in the United States.

My parents have maintained a very strong and loving connection with their families back home. The annual family trips we take there go to show just that. Being the oldest out of all the cousins in my family, when I first started my trips to Pakistan, there was nobody there for me really. Slowly but surely, one cousin started appearing after another, and I was left at the top, gazing upon an army of children with a powerful adoration for me.

Later on, as the years went on and my cousins started to slowly grow up, it was only natural that they would want gifts on their birthday. When I tried to do just that, I was halted. I realized there is no service that even exists to accommodate the needs of people in my situation!

With no options available, I made it my duty to assist all of the other older brothers and father figures in the world by creating Mamoojan.

Mamoojan isn’t just a delivery service, he was created to become a part of your family. Whenever you need him, either on the receiving end or the purchasing end, Mamoojan will always be there for you and your family.

Syed Wasti